Assorted silver rounds offer best price and even better paying by check

Buying ‘assorted’ silver rounds offers the best price on a one-ounce silver coin. The coin dealer sends what they have. It’s enjoyable to see what gets delivered, to see the design, shape, and luster. Paying via credit-card adds a 3%


Learn to value silver coins. My order from coin dealer. 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/5 oz, 1/10 oz.

This video explains how to value silver coins of weights ranging from 1 oz to 1/10 oz. For example, a one ounce coin is worth about 28 FedReserve ‘dollars. While a 1/10 ounce silver coin is worth five FedReserve dollars.


Why the economy boomed then busted. 2018 to Covid 2020 to 2022

In this video I review the rise and fall of new dollars circulating in the economy.


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Think outside the dollar

What is the longest running theater in London? The Bank of England.

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The Problem & Solutions

The item used as money, Federal Reserve ‘dollars’, increases in quantity dramatically year to year and simultaneously loses value. These new dollars take value from all existing dollars, like the ones listed in your bank account. (see graphic)

Why do prices rise? Since the value of the dollar decreases, companies raise their prices to get the same value. You’re not paying more value, but you have to pay more dollars because the dollars (the money) is worth less.

New dollars are created when someone issues a promissory note (an IOU). The process is called a loan (and there is a ‘loan’ element in the process) but it’s primarily a promissory note. When someone writes a promissory note (via a ‘loan application’), new ‘dollars’ are created.

The solutions:

  1. Choose something to use as money that has a relatively stable quantity.
  2. Stop taxing money. If someone buys a shirt with gold, sales taxes would only apply to the shirt, not the gold. This would be combined with removing the capital gains taxes on items used as money.
  3. Balance the federal budget: the United States Federal government spends much more than it receives via taxes, so it ‘borrows’ from Federal Reserve to make up the difference. This process creates trillions of new dollars, which take value from your dollars. This is a hidden tax, and to hide this tax, the government created and works with the Federal Reserve bank.
  4. Expose the potential fraud of modern-day ‘loans’ since no money is being lent. You issue a promissory note to a bank, then they create an ‘accounts payable’ on their books. We may be using their ledger entries as money.

Brain Teasers

Human head with glowing lightbulb insideHow much does 10 dollars cost? How can you pay for gas with gas?

Corruption of Money

DetourLearn the history of money, from barter to indirect barter to … government fraud.

Protect Yourself

Tourist with hat, sunglasses, and binocularsPrices are going up because your money is going down. Limit your exposure to your local currency like a tourist.

You need choice

m3_modified_profile_photo2If every year we become more efficient due to new technology and new production methods, should things cost more or less? Things should cost less. And the cost of things does fall, but the value of your money falls faster, so prices rise. Your money is worth less because banks create more each year. You need the freedom to choose other money. You need monetary choice. Continue

What is inflation?

Inflation is when the amount of money increases. Inflation is not rising prices, though prices usually rise after inflating. When gold was used as money, a huge gold discovery increased or inflated the quantity of money. These days it is banks that create and inflate money. The U.S. inflation rate has been 12 percent per year since 2006. Your salary and savings are worth 50 percent less. Continue