Japan Central Bank buying all with their fake money

We are so far behind. We are so in the dark. The Japan Central Bank is using its power to create money to buy everything, and most recently the shares of all companies. This is possible because all central banks can create money. It’s no different than if a counterfeiter was in your town, printed fake money, and bought every home in town. Then everyone thinks they’re rich because they have all this money. But they soon see the value of the money has plummeted because of the counterfeit money. So they have money, but no value. The counterfeiter, on the other hand, has all the houses. We are so far behind.

Read about the buying spree here.

Central banking is a religion and the bank ‘governors’ are the priests. I say this because it is a sacrilege to question the central bank’s actions. There is so much pomp and circumstance around every central bank. When, in reality, they are just money counterfeiters. They are ponzi scheme creators. They convince everyone to use their tickets, then they print as many tickets for themselves as they want, until the bank owns everything, and the people are paupers.

We simply have to stop using their money. We can start small. In each town, try to use silver, gold, or any real thing to trade with your neighbors. Stay in the private side of things to avoid corporate income.

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