Dear Journalists: I want to be your advisor on inflation!

I would like to be your resource on inflation.

What is the quantity of money circulating? What has been the annual change? 
And no one reports on it. Because of a conspiracy or because I’m not reaching journalists. Let’s go with the latter. 

Here is a Fed Reserve chart of the increase in the quantity of money (please don’t call it the money supply). Notice the hockey stick rise on the right. A 33% increase!

In Jan 2020, there were 15 trillion dollars circulating. 
In June 2021, there are now 20 trillion dollars circulating.
In just 18 months, the banks increased the quantity of money by 33% !!!
This means the value of the dollar will fall by about 33% (all other things being equal).
And consequently prices will rise by about 33%. Not 5%, not 10%, but 33%. 
Want a hot stock tip? By options that bet the stock market (which is a price) will rise 30%. 

And the gov’t just passed a bill for another one trillion of NEW money and there are plans for another 3.5 trillion of new money. We’re going to be looking at 50% increase in prices over three years. So sad. America was such a nice place for so long. 

Please, please please write one article about this massive, unprecedented increase in the quantity of money and how it will lead to rampant price increases and lower purchasing power for our salaries. This is why the big banks just increased starting salaries by 30%! They know what’s happening to the dollar. And they’re protecting their own. 

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