Event: Dollar, Euro, & More at Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation in DC will hold a monetary policy event on Friday, April 16, called “The Dollar, The Euro, and the International Monetary Order: What is the U.S. to Do?“. The event will feature Robert Mundell, a leading advocate of the Euro, which may be a pixie dust currency but it at least made it unnecessary for people in Europe to pay fees to convert from one pixie dust currency to another. The event will also feature Steve Hanke who helped establish currency “regimes” (Heritage’s language) in Argentina, Estonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ecuador, Lithuania and Montenegro. Steve’s recent paper recommending solutions for Zimbabwe included a free banking option. Judy Shelton, who spoke at the Atlas Sound Money event in Philly, will also be on the discussion panel with Hanke.

The event description warns about threats to the dollar’s long-standing role in the global economy. Though bad for Federal Reserve and it’s partners-in-crime in the government, movement away from the dollar may mean people are becoming disillusioned with yet another fraudulent currency and more likely to consider honest, commodity monies.

More info on Heritage’s site.

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