How to avoid inflation

All the articles about inflation are so incorrect.

  1. Central bank causes inflation by creating more money and lending to gov’t. They know exactly how much inflation there will be because they create the money. Anyone can search for M3 Federal Reserve to see the increase in the money circulating.
  2. This is why many of the top banks/investment banks increased starting salaries by THIRTY percent. 30 ! They know the value of the money has declined about 25%.
  3. To avoid inflation, at least some of it, simply do not store any wealth in the US dollar. Own any stock. Any investment. Any crypto. Any real estate. Doesn’t matter. The dollar is sinking, so limit your exposure. Do you own the Turkish Lira which has decline 50% this year? No. See that’s how you avoid inflation.
  4. Now, your salary. Well that has declined 20%. The only thing to do here is to generate discussion at your company about the M3 federal reserve chart or any price chart of a single commodity to show that things are amiss and the value of the salary has declined. The company needs to do TWO things – (1) raise their prices and (2) raise internal salaries. Just as the banks note above have done.

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