Nationalism obstructs common sense about money

I was trying to explain to someone that the banks and government were stealing from her and everyone else by devaluing the money. I said issuing more digits/dollars steals value from all existing digits/dollars. The person replied, “the economy must be managed.” I just couldn’t help but think that all those years of government schooling has made this person trust government officials even when what they say is flat out wrong and part of a scam to steal wealth from people. Just because someone set up a country, doesn’t mean they have your best interest in mind. The economy does not need to be managed. They manage it so they can create booms or busts to sell high and buy low and to fund government deficits and provide low-interest loansĀ at the expense of EVERYONE ELSE – from the elderly living on retirement incomes, to the elderly and disable on social security, to people paid wages that are not increased enough to compensate for the devaluation of the currency. We don’t need government officials to set the number of rental cars, or the amount of wheat grown, or the price for a pop song. In fact, when government officials do this, there are shortages or waste. Same goes for the amount of money in circulation – in that no group of people should specify how much is needed. Just like the number of rental cars, the amount of money is based on thousands of decisions by people, not arrogant and even criminal officials.

The solution is to separate the state from money. Let people choose their money.

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