We pass around FedReserve units, not dollars.

The term ‘dollar’ used to mean a one ounce silver coin. Then it meant a silver or gold coin. Then it just meant a gold coin. Now it means nothing. When Nixon took us off the gold standard, what he really did was steal all the real money – the gold – that were using as money. Biggest heist in history? Possibly. From good old sweet nice Uncle Sam (yeah right).

Think bitcoin is nothing, well so is the US ‘dollar’. It’s not actually a dollar. It’s nothing.

Why did they do this? Because they can create ‘nothing’ anytime they want.

I just don’t want to call it a dollar, because it gives credibility to something that is nothing. Maybe even bitcoin shouldn’t have the word ‘coin’ in the term, since it’s not a coin.

I’m calling them FedReserve units.

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