Bounty of Econ Graphs at Economagic

Just learned about the graphs at Economagic during a search for dollar quantity (aka money supply) charts. Listed below are some of the possibly thousands of charts. On the site, hovering over the links produces chart images.

It’s nice to see they use the phrase “money stock” instead of the “money supply”, since “supply” implies more is better, while “stock” is neutral.

The site’s interest rates charts show how in 1990, the CD interest rate was about nine percent, and today about 2.5 percent, a loss to savers of about 6.5 percent per year, and a windfall for debtors.

Some economagic charts:


  • M1: Currency, traveler’s checks, demand deposits, and other checkable deposits
  • M2: M1 plus retail MMMFs, savings, and small time deposits

Components of M1

  • Currency
  • Nonbank traveler’s checks
  • Demand deposits
  • Other checkable deposits at commercial banks
  • Other checkable deposits at thrift institutions
  • Total other checkable deposits

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