Dollar Price Increase – Amazon reseller services

Amazon’s Seller Service, that helps people store, pack and ship items, steeply raised its prices denominated in dollars. Some prices increased about 80 percent! No surprise since Federal Reserve doubled the money stock in 2008 and this will mean the value of each dollar will fall by one half, and this means merchants will double their prices (in dollars).

In the five years since we launched, we’ve made few adjustments to our fulfillment fees, despite rising costs to us and to other fulfillment and transportation providers. [emphasis added]

…we are announcing the following changes to the FBA fee structure to better reflect our costs…

  • The fee for Media Units under $25.00 will change from $0.60 to $1.00.  [one dollar used to be worth 1.6 media units; now it’s worth 1 media unit — a 38% decrease in the value of the dollar]
  • The fee for Non-Media Units under $25.00 will change from $0.75 to $1.00.  [23% decrease in dollar purchasing power

Expect more price changes (if you use dollars) since Federal Reserve issued 28% more dollars in 2001 (so far!).

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