European bankers and media promote inflation lies

The bankers keep lying so I must keep promoting the truth. This time the lies spew from the head of the European Central Bank who claims the low inflation rates in various European countries jeopardize the economy. In truth, low inflation jeopardizes the economic condition of governments running deficits and businesses seeking low interest loans, all at the expense of EVERYONE ELSE. Savers will see the value of their money decline and people’s salaries will be worth less and prices will rise. The low inflation rate means to me that despite low interest rates people still don’t want to borrow money, and this means people will spend less, meaning less taxes and less revenues for businesses.

One way to see through their lies is to replace the word inflation with “devaluation.” The sentence “the inflation rate is dangerously low” becomes “the devaluation rate is dangerously low.” Who wants more devaluation? Only criminal bankers, businesses, and governments that want cheap money on the backs of savers and the average employed person.

We do not want inflation/devaluation!!!

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