Updated debasement data

I updated the debasement charts on the home page and the inflation page.

I started referring to dollars as digits because the paper notes from Federal Reserve cannot be redeemed for silver coins, otherwise known as dollars. I would mock the financial industry for saying the British Pound Sterling even though British currency is no longer silver and definitely not a pound a silver. So I can’t mock this if I still refer to the dollar as a dollar. The emperor has no clothes, no silver, and no dollars!

I’m also referring to inflation as debasement since creating more digits debases or removes value from all existing digits. I still like the word inflation since it means increasing the size of something without tangible goods underlying the size. You say tomato, I say tomoto.

The annual debasement rate of Federal Reserve digits continues to fall. This implies a future crash since less digits mean less loans, and this means less commercial activity. I would welcome less commercial activity as any activity fueled by loans with newly created money is at the expense of savers.

Here are the new charts:

Annual Changes in Federal Reserve Digits - March 2014

Quantity of Federal Reserve Digits - March 2014

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