Syria regime pays cigarettes to mercenaries

cigarettes in a safeMany politicians and economists mock the idea that gold or silver could be used as payments in modern times. They may want to read about Syria where the dictators pay cigarettes to their mercenaries. If cigarettes still work, gold and silver would as well.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Syrian regime “uses cigarettes as a form of payment for the irregular military forces and militias.” These fighters likely don’t smoke all the cigarettes, but trade them for the goods they need or use them as a store of value.

Most people wouldn’t accept paper money from a regime that might not be around in a few months. When the regime is gone, so is the value of the money. However, cigarettes and gold and silver will be valued, as long as people keep smoking, wearing jewelry, and making electronics.

You do not need to pay a militia but you may need something of value if your country suddenly becomes unstable. Consider that even Rome collapsed, so your country might not last forever either. People in Zimbabwe likely thought their country was stable as well. Stock up on something that would be accepted in your community, since tastes and values vary.

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