On the idea of Iceland adopting Canadian currency

Here’s my response to a journalist writing about Iceland adopting the Canadian currency:

Aluminum would be better as money than digits or pieces of paper. Fundamentally, money is a popular PRODUCT used as a medium of trade. It’s a PRODUCT with a primary use in society, and for that reason people accept it since they know others want it. No one uses digits or paper as a necklace for a night on the town, but they do use gold, and they use aluminum for many applications. Aluminum was never chosen as money because it’s quite heavy compared to its value.

The loonie and other national currencies such as the krona, pound, euro, us dollar, etc. are all worthless digits and paper forced upon the people by governments that use these fiat monies to tax people, by creating more of the digits, which steal value from all existing digits. Governments vary in how much they tax their subjects and Canada’s ruling party has been kinder than others.

Moving to the loonie from the krona would be a step up, though still a step in purgatory. A step into honesty would be moving to a product and if aluminum is the only option, so be it. People will use credit cards and electronic transfers to trade aluminum, making weight a non-issue in these times.

Here’s the column about moving to the Canadian currency.

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