Most governments spend more than they receive in taxes. They cover the difference by stealing value from your money. (It’s stealing because they don’t ask you.)

The process involves issuing new currency, and the value of the new currency comes from your currency. It’s like stock fraud. If a company issues new shares, the value of your shares goes down, or more specifically, part of the value of your shares goes to the new shares.

To do this with money, a government first allows only one bank, a “central bank,” to issue currency. Then this bank creates new currency, just like a company issues new shares of stock. The new currency takes part of the value of your currency. The bank lends the new currency to the government to cover the deficit.

Bankers and politicians created this scheme for two sinister goals: (1) the banks can create money and lend it out to earn interest and (2) politicians get money to pay for their government programs. There are plenty of con artists and corrupt politicians, and unfortunately they control the banking sector and many government agencies.

To protect yourself from stock fraud, don’t own stock in a fraudulent company. To protect yourself from monetary inflation, don’t hold the currency of a country that is inflating/increasing the amount of currency. Just convert the currency, such as dollars, into anything else. You don’t need to buy stocks or gold or items in another country, though these may be good options. You only need to buy something that you can easily resell. Ideally, diversify into a few things.

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