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New spending is a new tax

The new “Save America” $1.9T spending bill is also a $1.9T tax (as in an immediate tax). Why? One, the U.S. government is already over budget so it must “borrow” money from Federal Reserve. Two, Federal Reserve does not have


Is the gold up or is the dollar down? Both influence the dollar-price.

An increase in the quantity of dollars will decrease the value of dollars (all things being constant) and this will drive up the price of gold AS MEASURED IN DOLLARS.


You made $100,000 on your home sale. Are you richer?

2010 – You bought a home for $100,000 and your favorite sandwich costs $5. 10 years later… 2020 – You sell the home for $200,000 and your fav sandwich costs $10. (1) Did you make any money? (2) Did you


Postage stamps to cost 10 percent more, due to lower-value dollar

The dollar-price for a first-class postage stamp will rise 10 percent next year! That means the dollar will be worth 10 percent less than in stamps. If the dollar is worth 10 percent less, will thou get a 10 percent




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