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We pass around FedReserve units, not dollars.

The term ‘dollar’ used to mean a one ounce silver coin. Then it meant a silver or gold coin. Then it just meant a gold coin. Now it means nothing. When Nixon took us off the gold standard, what he


Dear Journalists: I want to be your advisor on inflation!

I would like to be your resource on inflation. What is the quantity of money circulating? What has been the annual change? THESE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS FOR THE ECONOMY And no one reports on it. Because of a conspiracy or because I’m not


A dollar is not a green piece of paper. It’s a one-ounce silver coin.

What you think is a dollar, isn’t a dollar. That green piece of paper in your wallet is a note. A Federal Reserve note. What’s a note? It’s a promissory note. What’s a promissory note? It’s an IOU. You’re holding


Video: Biggest Scam in the World

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4




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