U.S. Inflation High, but Declining (data as of Nov 2015)

The annual U.S. inflation rate is now 7.5 percent, down from 7.9% last year and 9.5% the year before. FedRes is slowing the economy, so plan accordingly. Plus FedRes just increased the main interest rate, making loans more expensive, which also reduces economic activity.

FR Digit Quantity thru 2015-11

I also show the instances when the quantity of dollars doubled, since 1985. Whereas FedRes took 14 years to double the quantity of dollars back between 1985 and 1999, the most recent doubling only took seven years.

Since┬áthe truth is always the opposite of what’s in the big media, the lower inflation rate means your savings and your salary won’t lose value as fast as prior years. Though the value of your paycheck and your savings will go down 7.5 percent (all other things being equal).

Visit the charts page for supporting charts and tables.

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