Inflation quickens, after years of slowing – now at 7.5 percent

The main charts have been updated. The Federal Reserve banking system issued 7.5 percent more dollars during the past 12 months. The annual change had been slowing since 2012, but now has quickened slightly. The lowest recent increase was 7.4 percent, but now has risen to 7.5 percent. See the bottom of the table below. The total dollars is 11.4 trillion, double what it was just seven years ago.

Data table showing composition of Federal Reserve dollar quantity

Annual Changes FRD - 2016.01 vert bars v1

Total Federal Reserve U.S. Dollars - Shows time it takes for Federal Reserve to double the number of dollarsPie Chart of locations of Federal Reserve dollars - in circulation, checking accounts, savings deposits, US Gov Demand Deposits, Foreign Commercial Banks deposits, Demand Deposits of Foreign Official Institutions


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