Updated Devaluation of Federal Reserve Digits (Dollars)

As of April, 2014, there are nine percent more Federal Reserve digits (dollars) than last year, This means that eventually prices will be nine percent higher than they should be and your salary and savings will be nine percent less. Federal Reserve officials will argue that prices must rise two percent each year as part of their propaganda. Common sense will tell you that since we get more efficient each year, it takes less time and energy to make things, and therefore prices should fall, not rise.

Monthly changes in federal reserve digits (dollars)

The total number of digits (dollars) in circulation has risen to 101.7 trillion, up from 50 trillion in 2006, just eight years ago. Federal Reserve has managed to steal half the value of digits (dollars) in just eight years. The crime of the century! No pun intended.

Total digits (dollars) since 1960.


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